Sexual Encounters of a Young man- 16 – Mating with Beautiful Rani

He become friend with me during a fashion show in Delhi.. Where he was the Event Planner for the company which has organised this fashion show.. He has narrated his story to me during our several meetings. This is a story about how he become a Sugar Daddy of Two families

Maanvi andRupali started to give him food every alternatemonth as he got stomach upset due to outside food for long and on one fine morning when she went there to give him morning Coffee on seeing his erect 9 Inch cock while he was asleep and she was lured into sucking it and then while bathing she fell in bathroom and MontuKumar treated and helped her and then fucked her.

They were facing problems to find a safe and secluded place for regular fucking afterwards so one day he fucked her in the Garden at a lonely place and then on a friday night they decided to go to Terrace and he fucked there all night including Maanvi’s first anal. and then he fucked a russian blonde virgin in hotel swimming pool.

Then he enjoyed aaccidental oralsex with his other neighbour lady Rupaliand while answering my query on hisintroduction to the world of sexual pleasureshe narrated hisfirst sexual encounters. 

 In the last part 15 you have read

Whenfat maidwas fast asleep,he opened the buttons of her blouse and started looking at herbreasts, then slowly started pressing her nipple with round finger and slowlyher nipples gothard thenhe Puta finger in her pussyandstarted to slowly finger fuck her , her pussy started getting wet and his butts started getting up.He started rubbing her pussy button and she too started rubbing her pussy onhis hand very fast and then her whole body swagger andsticky pussy juicecame out of her pussy.

 He quickly pulledhis hand out ofher pussy and lay inhis bed and then saw that she opened his eyes and looked around, especially downMontu kumars bed more quickly and then started snoring.

 Montu Kumar said he was very happy with the success of his effortswiththat fat maid.


Now Further

 First Time Mating with beautiful maid Rani 

It was summer .Raniused to come tohis roomsecretly inevery afternoon and they both used to get lost in each other.

As soon as she came, Montu Kumar used tokissRanion the lips and suckher lips.She woulddo the same to him copying all his actions. The juice of both of them mouths went inside each other andboth would be very happy after kissing . Then she would open her blouse andhe kissed her nippleas well as puthis hand on her pussy in a thin petticoat insideher saree .

Then she taughthimto arouse sexin a womanor girl with a finger in the pussy.

Now when she laid her hand onhis cock, the cockstartedto geterect and hard.She suckedhis hard cocks inherbeautiful mouth.

One day, while walking around the estate,Hewent towards the stables ofthehorses owned by his father, where the chiefincharge of stable wasTej Singh,Montu KumarKnew himand had seen him many times inhis house taking instructions fromhis father. ThereTej Singh wastaking care of the horses, on seeingMontu Kumarhesalutedhimand said - ComeYoungboss, how did you come here today?

Montu Kumarsaid - I had notseenour horses for a long time, so I thought that I would see howhorses are,How is my favorite whitehorse“Chetak”? and howiseveryonedoing? How many male horses and how manyfemale horses are there now?

 Tek Singhsaid-“ Sir, now there are7 male horses and 12female horses, every day about8-10 femalehorses come from otherlandlords of nearby villagesbecause we have7 horses of very good breed andfrom the children born by them are great horses or Horses are made. This makes a very good income to your family “.

Having said this, he showedMontu Kumarthe whole stableand said – “If you can come at noon tomorrow, you can see how thehorses breed”.

 Montusaid – let mesee if I can come tomorrow!

Then Montu kumarhad a small ride of his favoriteyoung horse Chetak and gave Chetak few apple slices, carrots, and hay cubesand a banana as special food as his rewardand a few pats on Chetak’s neck.Chetak acknowledged it.After that Montu kumar left from there.Next day while coming back from schoolhe walked straight towards the stable . When he reached there,Tej Singh was moving a horse calledRockywhich was the horse ofMontu Kumarfather around a mare.It was the biggest and strongest horse in the stable. 

The horse Rockyused to stop and smell the mare's pussy and then used to roam. Something like this happened for 4-5 minutes and then horse Rocky stood behind the mare and started sniffing her pussy.

On seeing this,Rocky cock came out and became very longalmost 2 feet in length,It was very fat too and then the horse snarled very loudly and immediately climbed on top of the mare and his 2 feet cockpenetrated the mare's pussy and the horsebegin to thrust. He started to thrust his cock in and out, and then in 2-3 minutes the horse lost his steamand ejaculatedand came down.

Seeing this,Mr Montu Kumarcock also goterect andHetoo quickly walked towards the house.His heart was wishing that he should also climb over a girl.

Andthis incident led tobeginning of his sexual adventures in his life .

 andOn the same daywhen Rani came there Montu kumar pulled her towards himand kissed her very hard. 

 Rani felt his hard cock and asked him what wasmatter today your cock is already hard and errect. Montu Kumar toldher today he has gone to stable and watched horse mating there. He toldrani that Horse cock was 2 feet long . Hearing this Rani also got very excitedand pressed his cock hard. Rani told him she has not seenhorse mating as woman are not allowed to watch horse mating.

 Then theykissed very passionately after kissing and fingeringshe tried to insert his cock inside her naked pussy , first of all she gave hiscock some kisses and sucked it for a while, then she rubbedthe cock on the mouth of the pussy for one minute and when the head of the cock went 1 inch inside the pussy, she stopped and she kissed his hot lips hard and put her tongue inhis mouth, she started rolling her tongueround his tongue.

 He also started to push lightly from above, due to which halfof hiscock went into her pussy. It seemed to himthat his cock had gone into the fiery furnace. ThenRanihit a loud push from below andhis cock went inside her pussy. Of course she was not virgin. 

This first feeling of sex seemed very coincidental and enjoyable. Then at the behest ofRani, He startedpumpingfrom the top andRani also startedmoving herhipsupwards very hard from below.

ThenHe felt thatRani's pussy was holdinghis cock and waspulsatinglike 'closed and opened'. ThenRani squeezedhim tightly and her body began to tremble and then in a while shefell downand his cock came out, smeared with whitesticky foam.

The cock was still standing erect but no substance came out of it ashe did not climax and ejaculated that time. But he enjoyed it a lot. 

In this waytheyplayed sex games many times and both ofthem enjoyed a lot.Montu kumarsaidhestarted to understand a lot about sexby that time.

Now after fuckingRani he thought of playing the same game with thefat maid at nighther name was Shanu. On the same night, when she came,Montu Kumarcaught her, rooted a kisson her cheeks, she sprinted away and started staring athim.

 Hesaid - do not panic, I will not tellanyoneanything.

And then he called her close and said that why do you sleep on floor,come sleep on the bed, don't you?

'No no… if yourmother sees it, she will drive me out of the house.and I will lose my Job'

 Montu kumar said -No one can come in my room without my permission. You are nervous like this for no reasonandIf you agree then I will give you money.

She said - how much money willyougive me master?

He said - how much do you want?

She said - tell me how much money you will give? He said - I will give100 rupees for kissingand playing withyour breasts !

And she agreed. At that time,100rupees was a big amount for the villagers.

And the biggest attraction was the fun of sleeping on velvet beds for a poor villager!

That nightHe did not tease her just kissed hersoftly once or twiceand slept a lot.

The next night she came again and started sleeping down,He gestured to her to come near himand asked her to sleep on the bed.

She hesitantly lay down withhim,Montu Kumar put a light kiss on her thick lips and put one hand on her breasts.She quickly removedhis hand.

 He kissed her again and now put her hand on her stomach and she kept quiet. ThenHe put the same hand in her dhoti on her thighs and slowly started to kiss her up and down, kissing her, then slowly put the other hand on her breasts.

 He told her - your breasts are very thick and solid.

Maybe she did not understand,He said again - they are very thick and tough, what do you do with them?

She said - All dayshe works cleaning the floor of the mansion. 

Then slowlyhe opened the buttons of her blouse and her thick breasts came out as ifthey have been freed from the prison..

 He had seen him before secretly in night, so he knew her body.

Thenhe put one hand inside herSaree, then she grabbed his hand and said- Promise,youwill not tell anyone,Master?

 He said - Such things are always kept secret . dear Shanu. 

And she let thesareeberemoved and lifted her petticoat.

Firsthe looked at her pussy carefully and started trying to understand what is the difference between her pussy and beautiful pussyof Rani .

 The story will continue.
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